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Title 2010 ACSA Annual meeting report
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The meeting was begun with welcome address by Prof. Dong-Wook Kim (Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea), chairman of ACSA (Asia CML Study Alliance) followed by introduction among the participants. With the introduction of meeting agenda, Prof. Dong-Wook Kim reviewed the ACSA activities including recent meetings, ongoing education programs and new Asia RQ-PCR kit. Updates on clinical trials, manuscript publications and Asia CML Registry were also reported. After the updates from Prof. Dong-Wook Kim, Dr. Yeow Tee Goh (Singapore General Hospital, Singapore) introduced ASCENT (An Open Label Multi-Center Phase II Study in High Risk Sokal Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Chronic Phase Patients Receiving Nilotinib Treatment) study. During his talk, study design, primary and secondary endpoints, inclusion and exclusion criteria, visit schedule and methodologies used for response monitoring were described, and the discussion on how to choose the participating sites for this clinical trial was followed. Due to the absence of Dr. He Huang (The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, China) who was going to propose a prospective multicenter study which investigates Nilotinib +NST + Nilotinib, general information including inclusion and exclusion criteria, study design and outcome measures was provided by Prof. Dong-Wook Kim. After pharmaceutical company updates from Dr. Oleg Zernovak (Novartis), the 3rd ACSA-ASH meeting was closed with the chairman’s remarks. In the closing remarks, Prof. Dong-Wook Kim informed that establishment of the Asia Leukemia Foundation is under negotiation with Korean government, and information on 2 upcoming annual meetings was given: ASOC meeting in joint with Novartis AP Oncology Summit meeting in Singapore in July 2011 and ACSA-ASH meeting focusing on ACR data analysis and clinical trials in San Francisco in December 2011.
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