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Invitation to ASOC 2009 of Asia CML Study Alliance (ACSA)

Theme : Asia Standardization of CML management

  • • Member ID and Password are case sensitive
  • • To discuss Asia standardization of molecular analyses
  • • To make a consensus of clinical practice, eg., Asia CML guideline
  • • To propose studies for publications, eg., retrospective mutational analysis as well as epidemiologic
    studies using studies using a dataset of Asia CML Registry (ACR)
  • Since the first meeting in Hangzhou, China in 2005, Asian hematologists have reached consensus on establishment of Asia CML Study Alliance (ACSA). So far, ACSA has conducted several important activities such as establishment of Asia CML Registry (ACR), a training program for Asia Standardization of Molecular Analyses (ASMA), and the first publication of NCCN-Asia statement.

    images So far ASMA program (containing RQ-PCR and mutation assays) has provided a training program for 12 scientists and clinicians from 8 institutes in 6 countries.

    Through ASMA program, some laboratories started standardized lab. services for their patients, but still not in others. There may be some obstacles to block successful establishment of qualified molecular laboratory in country.

    Therefore, ACSA is organizing a symposium of ‘Asia Standardization Of CML management (ASOC)’ and will also discuss about NCCN-Asia guideline which is recently established by tremendous support from EMD-Asia.

    Finally we are pleased to invite you to the ASOC Meeting of Asia Leukemia Foundation held in Seoul, Korea. It will be held in Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, 09:00 to 15:30, Saturday October 17, 2009.

    I ask for your interest and active participation so that collaboration in studies for CML therapy will be enhanced, and eventually the benefit from our efforts will return to CML patients in Asia through the activation of ACSA

    Chairman of Asia CML Study Alliance
    Prof. Dong-Wook Kim MD, PhD

    Prof. Dong-Wook Kim MD, PhD

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