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ASMA Training _ Introduction

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Main Projects - ASMA Training

The training provides various molecular assays used in diagnosis and treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.

The molecular biology technologies involved in molecular assays are as follow:

  • - Real-time quantitative PCR (RQ-PCR): to measure BCR-ABL transcript level
  • - Multiplex PCR: to identify the type of BCR-ABL transcripts
  • - Direct sequencing & Allele specific oligonucleotide PCR (ASO-PCR):
    to detect mutations in Bcr-Abl kinase domain
  • - Molecular cloning: to prepare reference and target plasmid standards for absolute quantification in RQ-PCR.
  • - Other technologies: White blood cell isolation, RNA extraction & quality check,
    DNA extraction, reverse transcription, gel electrophoresis etc.
  • According to training duration, three different courses will be provided.

  • - Yellow course (1 week) covers RQ-PCR
  • - Blue course (2 weeks) covers RQ-PCR and mutation analysis
  • - Red course (3 weeks) covers RQ-PCR, mutation analysis and molecular cloning
  • - Black coure (4 weeks) covers RQ-PCR, mutation analysis, molecular cloning and pharmacokinetics.
  • Training Program
    Assay Technology Yellow
    1 week
    2 weeks
    3 weeks
    4 weeks
    transcript type
    transcript level
    White blood cell purification O O O O
    RNA isolation & quality check O O O O
    First strand cDNA synthesis O O O O
    Multiplex PCR O O O O
    RQ-PCR O O O O
    Real time PCR data analysis O O O O
    Mutation analysis in
    kinase domain
    Long template PCR   O O O
    Nested PCR   O O O
    Big Dye termination PCR   O O O
    DNA sequencing   O O O
    DNA sequencing data analysis   O O O
    DNA extraction & ASO-PCR   O O O
    Molecular cloning Plasmid ligation     O O
    Transformation of competent bacteria     O O
    Colony formation     O O
    Colony PCR     O O
    Recombinant plasmid preparation     O O
    Pharmaco-kinetics HPLC       O
    Tandem Mass Spectrometry       O

    Training for each assay consists of the following components;

  • - Introduction of background knowledge and technical information by training staff
  • - Full demonstration of every step of each assay by qualified demonstrator.
  • - Practical performance of the demonstrated steps by trainee under the supervision of demonstrator.
  • - Actual performance of whole assay by trainee

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