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ASOC _ Agenda or Program

ASOC 2009 in Seoul

Asia Standardization of CML management
- Standardization of Molecular Analyses -
- Standardization of Clinical Practice -
17 October 2009
Asia CML Study Alliance Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of KoreaSeoul, Korea


Asia Standardization of Molecular Analyses; Current status & Validation plan
Chairperson: Prof. Dong-Wook Kim (Seoul, Korea)
09:00 Welcome and introduction DW Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
09:10 Update of ASMA training program and Questionnaire H Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
09:30 Current status of BCR-ABL molecular assays in Asian Lab
(multiplex PCR/Q-PCR/mutation test)
(10 minutes each)
(Asia countries)
10:30 Update of International Standardization of RQ-PCR testing H Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
10:40 Tea break
11:00 Asia PCR kits: Technology and Standardization JH Park
(Bioneer co., Korea)
11:15 Validation plans for RQ-PCR standardization in Asia H Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
11:30 Asia Mutation Bank: A proposal for retrospective and
prospective mutation studies
DW Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
11:40 Current technologies & Validation plans of mutation test in Asia D Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
12:10 Discussion: Summary and Next steps H Goh & D Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
12:30 Lunch
Asia Standardization of Clinical Practice: CML survey & Treatment guideline
Chairperson: Dr. Tapan Saikia (Mumbai, India)
13:30 Current status of Asia CML Registry D Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
13:45 Review of CML manuscripts from Asia W Cui
(Jilin, China)
14:15 A proposal of Asia epidemiology study
: Based on current Asia survey and its characteristics
DW Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
14:30 Development of ACSA-NCCN collaborative programs EMD-Asia
14:45 Introduction and Future plan of NCCN Asia guideline Tapan Saikia
(Mumbai, India)
15:15 Discussion: Q & A All participants
15:30 Closing DW Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
Organizer: Asia CML Foundation, Asia CML Study Alliance, Korea Leukemia Bank
Sponser: Bioneer co., Bristol Myers Squibb co., ILYANG co., Novartis co.

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