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We are delighted to welcome you to Seoul and to have you join the ASOC 2009 meeting. The meeting takes place on Saturday 17 October.

Meeting Information
Please note the following important details.

ASOC 2009 meeting
- Date: Saturday 17 October
- Time: 09:00-15:30
- Venue: B1 Seminar Room, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea

Meeting Program
Please refer to enclosed agenda.

Meeting Arrangements

Arrival and Departure Transfers
We will arrange the transportation from the airport to the hotel for you. A reserved taxi driver will pick you up from the airport. For airport pick up, the driver will be holding the paper with your name written on it.

Hotel Accommodation
- Seoul Palace Hotel: 16-18 October (2 nights) 63-1 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
- TEL: +82-2-532-5000
- Web site:

Place for ASOC 2009 meeting
Place for the ASOC 2009 meeting is located across the Seoul Palace Hotel. It is a five-minute walk. We will meet in the lobby of the Seoul Palace Hotel at 08:30 on 17 October.

We look forward to a successful meeting and hope that you will enjoy your stay in Seoul!


Asia Standardization of Molecular Analyses; Current status & Validation plan
Chairperson: Prof. Dong-Wook Kim (Seoul, Korea)
09:00 Welcome and introduction Dong-Wook Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
09:10 Update of ASMA training program and Questionnaire Harriet Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
09:30 Current status of BCR-ABL molecular assays in Asian Lab
(multiplex PCR/Q-PCR/mutation test)
(10 minutes each)
Wei Han (China)
P.G. Subramaniam (India)
Wulyo Rajabto (Indonesia)
Ma. Celeste S. Abad (Philippines)
Gee Fung How (Singapore)
Hui Hua Hsiao (Taiwan)
Nittaya Limsuwanachot (Thailand)
10:30 Update of International Standardization of RQ-PCR testing Harriet Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
10:40 Tea break
11:00 Asia PCR kits: Technology and Standardization Seong-Youl Kim
(Bioneer co., Korea)
11:15 Validation plans for RQ-PCR standardization in Asia Harriet Goh
(Seoul, Korea)
11:30 Asia Mutation Bank: A proposal for retrospective and
prospective mutation studies
Dong-Wook Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
11:40 Current technologies & Validation plans of mutation test in Asia Dongho Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
12:10 Discussion: Summary and Next steps Harriet Goh
& Dongho Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
12:30 Lunch
Asia Standardization of Clinical Practice: CML survey & Treatment guideline
Chairperson: Dr. Tapan Saikia (Mumbai, India)
13:30 Current status of Asia CML Registry Dongho Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
13:45 Review of CML manuscripts from Asia Jiuwei Cui
(Jilin, China)
14:15 A proposal of Asia epidemiology study
: Based on current Asia survey and its characteristics
Dong-Wook Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
14:30 Development of ACSA-NCCN collaborative programs Eric C.M. Tang
14:45 Introduction and Future plan of NCCN Asia guideline Tapan Saikia
(Mumbai, India)
15:15 Discussion: Q & A All participants
15:30 Closing Dong-Wook Kim
(Seoul, Korea)
Organizer: Asia CML Foundation, Asia CML Study Alliance, Korea Leukemia Bank
Sponser: Bioneer co., Bristol Myers Squibb co., ILYANG co., Novartis co.

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